Bogus “CyBRICS” events precaution

6 December 2022

⚠️ Please Note: competition runners of CyBRICS Capture The Flag 2019, 2020 and 2021 (SPbCTF community) have not announced any plans on holding CyBRICS in 2023.

If anyone invites you to support, endorse or take part in an event claiming to be “CyBRICS”, we advise against looking at previous years’ CyBRICS CTFs to gauge the new event’s level, and suggest treating it as a separate event with no prior history—previous showrunners and challenge developers are not associated with running that one.

More info on SPbCTF and ITMO University in 2022 →

The Game is Over!

Thank you to all the teams playing! We're really glad you joined us and hope you loved yourself some of our challenges ❤️

Vote for event weight on the CTFtime page:
And please let us know about your experience:

And The Winners Are...

1st place: corruptedpwnis, Russia with 6834 points — 3000 USD + XCTF Finals qualification + PHDays and OFFZONE tickets

2nd place: DefenitelyZer0, South Korea and Japan with 3990 points — 2000 USD + PHDays and OFFZONE tickets

3rd place: [SPbCTF] fargate, Russia with 3190 points — 1000 USD + PHDays and OFFZONE tickets

Task Analysis, Voting and Certificates

1. We will host a writeup / task analysis session on YouTube July 27th and 28th at 10:00 UTC. It will be in English on channel, and we'll cover challenges that most people will vote to be dissected

2. ITMO University offers official certificates of participation this year. If you want a certificate for your collection, or benefits from ITMO (extra qualification points to academic programs; invitation to research teams), you'll get one

3. To vote for challenges to cover, issue certificate, and also give feedback, use this form →
The form is individual (no need for a team quorum), and you can re-submit at any time

Join the @cybrics Telegram chat for announcements and discussion

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